Powering the Future of Digitalization

Sustainable Data Centers Powered by Landfill Waste

Progress through advanced computation

Bridge is eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by generating low cost, clean energy from landfill waste to power high performance computing data centers.

From scientific discoveries to technological breakthroughs, we make it easier and cleaner for companies in every industry to innovate and solve the world’s challenges.

A bigger problem than you may think

Landfills emit large amounts of greenhouse gases, including methane, a gas that has 80x the warming power of CO2.

These landfills are responsible for nearly 11% of all methane emissions worldwide, with an expected increase to 70% by 2050. That’s the equivalent of 20.3 million cars driven for just one year.

Not only do these emissions harm the environment, they are also a major energy resource being wasted.

Computation's perfect match

Bridge makes it simple for the high performance computing industry to meet environmental impact goals all while lowering the cost of energy – the single biggest operational expense.

Less waste, more energy. Power your ideas with Bridge.

About us

Bridge was founded in Houston, Texas in 2019 by energy and technology sector experts. Bridge is dedicated to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and generating clean power from landfill waste to create a sustainable, lower cost solution for the computation industry.