Bridge Accepted Into The Ion’s Onramp Program

The Ion is thrilled to announce its second cohort in the Ion Onramp Program: PatenteerSensytecBridge Energy Solutions, and Stratos Perception.  These startups are leveraging technology to make patent prosecution more profitable. They provide detailed data on concrete conditions in real time, helping energy producers and landowners realize new value from resources while contributing to the digital economy. In addition, they are developing and applying artificial intelligence to solve engineering and operational problems in numerous industries, including aerospace and oil and gas.

Solving these challenges is integral to Houston’s future as it focuses on the commercialization of research, innovation, infrastructure, clean energy transition, aerospace, and more. Cohort 2 joins the Ion Onramp Program’s first cohort: Roxie HealthSpeakHausSUNN, and Justli — a robust mix of female-founded and minority-owned businesses.


“The Ion is thrilled to announce its second cohort in the Ion Onramp Program, featuring Patenteer, Sensytec, Bridge Energy Solutions, and Stratos Perception,” said Jan E. Odegard, Executive Director of the Ion. “These startups were selected due to the strength of their focus on leading digital transformation and leveraging technology to solve challenges that affect numerous industries in Houston.  Solving these challenges—which include commercializing research from Houston’s academic institutions, developing resilient and robust infrastructure, leading the clean and sustainable energy transition, and propelling future aerospace advancements—is integral to Houston’s success.”

The second cohort will be joining the first cohort in January 2023 at Ion’s Coworking Space operated by Common Desk. The startups in the first cohort tackled personalized healthcare; democratizing access to public speaking and communications coaching; disrupting the supply chain of food, waste, and energy through the creation of a sustainable DAO; and reducing bullying and bias with a gamified learning platform for K-12 students.  “Selected startups in the first and second cohorts not only feature amazing startups but also represent Houston’s diversity,” continued Odegard.  “We still have work to do, but we are making strides as we add the startups in the second cohort to the program. In the first six months, Cohort One startups have achieved notable accomplishments, including acquiring new clients and driving business development, designing revamped dashboards and prototypes, raising five-figure sums, taking first place at a national pitch competition, and securing selection into DivInc’s first Women in Tech Accelerator.”


The Ion Onramp Program aims to support early-stage startups looking for a quality workspace that offers networking and access to a community of founders. For qualified startups, the Ion Onramp Program provides up to 18 months of discounted Shared Desk Membership to the Ion’s coworking space operated by Common Desk.


Meet Cohort 2:

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